When is it open?

The Kitchen is available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. See Rates and Availability for Peak Hours/Non-Peak Hours and the corresponding rates.

Is there storage?

Dry storage, cooler storage, and freezer storage are available for monthly rental (see Storage).

How much is the kitchen to rent?

See Rates and Availability

Do I rent the entire Kitchen, or part of the Kitchen?

The Kitchen is organized into 6 Stations: #1 Canning, #2 Catering/Canning, #3 Baking/Catering, and #4-6 Prep Stations. Members reserve time by specifying the Station and Equipment needed.

Do they have what I need?

We have a full list of equipment here.

What other services are provided?

Whether you are starting a food business or growing an existing one, we can help with everything from a business plan to securing a micro-loan.


Parking is free in designated CCLK parking spots.

Loading and unloading options?

Tenants can load and unload by parking in spaces adjacent or across from the main Kitchen entrance.

What are the payment requirements?

Payment for the first three uses is due the day of Kitchen use. Thereafter, clients will be billed weekly and payments are due every 10 days. Tenants with past due invoices will not be allowed to use the Kitchen until paid in full.

Lemon Ice Cream from Mason's Creamery

Lemon Ice Cream from Mason’s Creamery